• King Ora salmon sashimi, pommegranate ponzu, avocado mayo, mint, pine nuts, pommegranate, sumac
  • Tuna tataki tartar, phyllo mille-feuille, shitake, maitake, miso-truffe mayo
  • Burratina, grilled leeks, grilled mussels, trout caviar
  • Josper charcoal grilled Mediterranean sea bass, edamame, salsify, shiso, tokyo turnips
  • Grilled green beans, tarragon mayo
  • Roasted fingerling potatoes
  • Greens, yogurth and herb dressing
  • Pain brioché, fleur de sel butter
  • Guayaquil chocolate entremet, chocolate-hazelnut mousse
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Delivery/Pick-up Date

January 20th, January 21st, January 22nd, January 27th, January 28th, January 29th, February 3rd, February 4th, February 5th


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Ikanos’s Tasting box - January 20th to February 5th | For 2 Guests