• Fluke sashimi, pear, minth, hazelnut, cardamom
  • Tuna takati tartar, red wine reduction, red wine dried frig, grilled fig
  • Nordic shrimp and crab salad, crab bread, shiso, granny smith apples, almonds, salsify
  • Surf n’ turf : veal loin, lobster, shrimp and chorizo raviolo, crevette et chorizo, sauce homardine
  • Grilled nantaises carrots, tarragon mayo
  • Greens, yogurth and herb dressing
  • Pain brioché, fleur de sel butter
  • Guayaquil chocolate tart, hazelnut-chocolate crèmeux, clementine
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February 10th, February 11th, February 12  , February 13th, February 14th


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Ikanos’s Valentine's day Box | For 2 Guests